Academic Tutor

COMP10001 Foundations of Computing, School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne, 2022

TA for subject Foundations of Computing COMP10001 at the University of Melbourne. Help students solving problems in areas that often requires manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data through computer programming. Teach students with little or no background in computer programming how to design and write basic programs using python3, and to solve simple problems using these skills. The delivered content include fundamental programming constructs; data structures; abstraction; basic program structures; algorithmic problem solving; testing and debugging; introduction to the Web, multimedia and visualization.


Master of Business Analytics Course , Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, 2020

Help students gain familiarity with techniques for analyzing textual data. Help students develop an understanding of key algorithms used in NLP and learn to apply them in a diverse range of contexts including search engines, multilingual information retrieval, machine translation, text mining, question answering, summarization, and grammar correction.

Software Developer Intern

Internship, Chengdu Research Centre, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, 2016

studying and deploying object-oriented programming design pattern; configuring and monitoring on hardware status in Linux system. My team focus on the implementation of SDH communication networks.